Artists News Seray Kaya, the Mahkum’s Cemre, entered her new age at her father’s grave!..

Seray Kaya, the Mahkum’s Cemre, entered her new age at her father’s grave!..


Actress Seray Kaya, known to a wide audience for her character “Şirin” in the Kadın’s TV series, is currently appearing on the screen as “Cemre”, a lawyer in Fox TV’s Mahkum series.

The actress turned 30 on February 4. Seray Kaya made an emotional post on her social media account on her birthday. Seray Kaya’s father, Hasan Kaya, died on February 3, 2019, one day before the actress’s birthday, February 4, as a result of a heart attack.

The actress, who was deeply saddened by the loss of her father, commemorated her father, whom he missed very much, at her father’s grave on her birthday.

The actress, who wrote “Happy Birthday Dad” on her post, also shared the childhood photo of her father sitting on her lap on her social media account. The fans of Seray Kaya, who gave emotional moments to her followers with her shares, supported the actress with their comments.

Embracing her new age at the grave of her father, who died three years ago, the actress said, “I miss my father so much… Your black daughter is 30. Now I’m embracing my new age right next to you. My dear father, we are pleased with you, may Allah be pleased with you,” he touched her fans with her message.

The actress expressed the pain he experienced due to the death of her father with these words; “My father… As they say, her father’s daughter… I was exactly her father’s daughter. As I grew up, I felt proud of being like you. And yes, I was and always will be proud to be you.”

“You have always taught me compassion, respect, staying strong. When I cried, you would say, ‘You have a father like a mountain behind you’. I took my strength from you in every difficult moment of my life. Now I know it’s time to be even stronger. Maybe you passed away, but one thing I know is that you are having your real reunion in the right place right now. My birthday is a bond between you and me, daddy. I know there is a reason why your departure coincided with that day. And I look forward to the day we will meet.”