Seray Kaya, who left Mahkum series, thanked her fans and said goodbye!
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27 November 2022 08:29


Seray Kaya, who left Mahkum series, thanked her fans and said goodbye!

The viewers of the Mahkum (Prisoner) series were shaken by the death of his beloved character, Cemre, last night. After the death of Cemre, played by Seray Kaya, her fans sent loving messages, and the successful actress thanked her fans with her sharing.

Fox TV’s top-rated TV series Mahkum, which aired on Thursday evenings, witnessed a bitter breakup with its last episode. Cemre, the beloved character of the series, was stabbed by a person while walking on the street at night. It was not shown whether Cemre died in the episode, but since it is known that Seray Kaya will say goodbye to the series soon, everyone has already accepted the death of the character.

This situation of Cemre and Seray Kaya’s departure from the series upset the audience of the series Mahkum. Since the first news of Seray Kaya’s departure from Mahkum, the audience expressed their reactions with their posts on social media.

Upon these reactions, successful actress Seray Kaya thanked her fans with her social media account. Kaya wrote in her post: “I am grateful for your presence and support. Hope to see you in other stories.” Upon this, Kaya’s fans showered the successful actress with messages.

She pointed out to a viewer that Cemre was the best character of Mahkum and said, “Cemre was the best character of Mahkum. She was the heart of this story, she. Without Cemre, Mahkum has no heart either. I can’t wait to see you again in other stories. Good luck, ”she wrote.

Another fan said that Seray Kaya handled the character of Cemre very well and expressed her feelings as follows: “I will miss you very much, Cemre Uysal. You have rendered the character of Cemre so well that my love for the screen has increased day by day. Thank you for your energy, beautiful heart and sincerity. You reflected every moment of Cemre to us so beautifully. I’m glad you became Cemre @sseraykayaa I love you so much.”

Another fan wrote that she was so upset about the death of a serial character for the first time in her sharing and continued as follows: “This is the first time that the death of a serial character has made me so sad, you were very successful and you fit the story well, good luck with the lawyer Cemre Uysal.”

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