Artists News Seray Kaya’s future is very bright

Seray Kaya’s future is very bright


Women, published in Turkey on the Fox TV…

Seray Kaya, who plays the Şirin character, is very successful

She convinced her followers of the series that she was cute.

Cute, famous with her lies and intrigues … Şirin enjoys spoiling Bahar’s life.

Who is she? Do you know which series you played before?

Seray Kaya, in fact, has played a number of roles before. However, in the first part of the Women’s series, the mysterious attitude led immediately to the viewer’s attention.

Seray Kaya was born in Istanbul on 4 February 1991. The beautiful actress of the age of 26 started working at the same time as she continued to school.

Seray Kaya, who works in a beauty center, has been conducting both school and business life together for a while. Seray Kaya, who has been making make-up for a long time in the beauty center, stepped into acting career.

The beautiful player with a weight of 1.65 cm and 53 pounds is bucketed. She completed her acting education at Sadri Alışık Culture Academy.

Seray Kaya started the game with the series “Peace Street”.

Seray Kaya, Colorful, Married and Angry, My Husband’s Family, and finally taking a role in the Smile You series.

Apart from acting, Seray Kaya, who has dreams about his second career, aims to open a beauty center in the future.

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