Series News Serious injustice to Seray Kaya in Women series

Serious injustice to Seray Kaya in Women series


Fox TV’s record-breaking female line is among the most talked-about series of recent times. All the people living in the line are talking too much in social media.

However, there is a situation in which the audience sometimes identifies the characters of the series with the actors, which can make the criticism unfair.

There are characters on the series that take us far enough to get us into anger. Most psychopaths show trends and we do not want to be pissed off at the screen. These angry criticisms are also reflected in the social media.

The character we feel most anger in the women’s line is undoubtedly Sirin. Especially after Bahar’s illness, Sirin’s unscrupulous attitudes, her cruelty towards her dying sister and her children, seem to be endless!

But it only brings to the point that it is a fictional world and that the players who play ‘bad characters’ are at the core, sometimes to identify with the series.

We lived in the last days of the past. The followers who do not leave a word to Şirin at every opportunity not to say it, are showing the right attitudes in criticizing character.

But because of the March 8th International Women’s Day, the comments on the video of the players from the official instagram account of the series are astonishing.

Instagram account, Ece Özdikici, who plays Jale on the line, Caner Cindoruk playing Sarp, Ayça Erturan playing Yeliz and Seray Kaya playing Şirin, gave a meaningful message about women in a video.

Except for Seray Kaya, the messages that came to Seray Kaya were very surprised when thanks to the comments made in other comments.

Seray Kaya, who gave the message “All women who remain strong despite all the negativities and who are trying to stay strong are happy to have the day” did not say anything.

Many comments were written such as “Leave the country, mental patient, you do not celebrate, I hate you, I need you to sleep in an emergency hospital.”

Seray Kaya’s reaction to this well-intentioned message was reaction.

In fact, there is a big effect of Seray Kaya playing Şirin so well. She was so convinced that she made us forget Seray Kaya because she was cute.

Some sensitive followers supported Seray Kaya.

“What a ridiculous comment. The girl is paying for her role. Return to real life. It’s a series. You’re making ridiculous comments. ”

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