Series News SerayKaya takes the example of SerenaySarıkaya

SerayKaya takes the example of SerenaySarıkaya


SerayKaya, who plays a role in Woman’s series, said that the man who will influence him should be smart, intelligent and stance

SerayKaya covered the April issue of Women’s Style magazine. She, who started the game about six months ago, has had intimate statements about her career and private life.

SerayKaya, who gives life to a bad character in the Woman series, says, “We want to kill you and strangle you, and then you say ‘but you are very sweet’. It was a very interesting event, I guess I will never forget. A lady came in during the shooting. ‘Do you really think to choose this role?’

I said, ‘I accepted it.’

Speaking about the style of the actress “I prefer to be plain. In my makeup, red lipstick is absolutely. I am taking SerenaySarıkaya as an example in this regard. She’s dressed very well in her walks. Of course when a night is such a look SerenaySarikaya what she dressed, ” she said.

SerayKaya, who has a love with a pro-basketball player BirkanBatuk, explains the following characteristics of the man: “The man who will impress me must be intelligent and intelligent. The aftermath has already come and temporary things … ”

Kaya’s hair, which looks on the screen with curly hair, is actually flat.

As for the player’s hair, “I get thousands of messages about it … My hair is normally flat. Before I go to the set for Şirin’s hair, I foam my wet hair and curl it with vigor. In the set also with hairdressing tongs are making final, ” she said.