Series News GökçeBahadir’s difficult moments

GökçeBahadir’s difficult moments


GökçeBahadır’s difficult moments in shooting ‘A Little Murder’ series …

She entered the sea for the stage.

The actress who entered the water on the coast of Istanbul Kilyos where the sea water temperature was measured at 11 degrees, had a hard time.

Star TV’s favorite series, ‘A Little Murder’, which won the greatest liking of the audience from the first day of publication, played Oya character and GökçeBahadır entered the scene of the new section of the series.

Actress, who was very impressed by the cold, said that they lived in the following words:

“I love the sea, but it was really cold. I am not very tolerant of the cold, so it was not easy for me. We can say that I’m shaking. But it was a stage we were so excited for both my director and me that we were battling for the best. Our team also helped me a lot. A special cream was applied to keep my body warm. I think it’s important for the stage to be working on something that knows the job. ”