Series News Ömer TV series has a feature that makes its competitors very jealous!

Ömer TV series has a feature that makes its competitors very jealous!


Ömer series continues on its way with its second season on Star TV. The story of the series, in which Selahattin Paşalı and Gökçe Bahadır duo made a name for themselves with their successful performances, continues quite impressively.

Monday evenings are a day when very impressive and different series meet the audience. Despite such fierce competition, it is an important detail that the Ömer series can satisfy its own core audience.

The story of the series, which continues to grow stronger, connects millions to the Star TV screen. This ensures that the series progresses steadily, and at this point it differs from many other productions.

The stable ratings in the Ömer series have been the most striking detail since the first season.

After the decline in the 34th episode of the series, an immediate rise was expected, and the ratings of the 35th episode reminded this fact again.

The fact that the Ömer series showed a good increase in all audience groups in the 34th episode compared to the previous week is considered to compensate for the recent audience losses.

The Ömer series, which is considered one of the most successful productions of the season with its ratings in the 6’s, can also achieve first places and has maintained a stable image since the day it started.