'Wealth' series did not hold the sequence, it's over!
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5 October 2022 11:32


‘Wealth’ series did not hold the sequence, it’s over!

Yusuf Çim and Bahar Şahin’s Wealth series, which they played in their lead, unfortunately did not find the worthy value among the dozens of screens on the screen.

For the production company that introduced a series of television shows like Rental Love, the Wealth was of a similar quality, but not as desired.

Posta newspaper writer Mesut Yar, which draws attention to the details of the final series:

At the beginning of “Wealth” (Show TV), I noticed only “trailers” and “a wonderful job” on Ortaks Yapım, who signed an exceptional job like “Rental Love”. My work was exactly what I was hoping for …

But in such a wheel, we are crushing what we get from the rating. And this is not worth the “Wealth” …

It is not bad today, so tomorrow, in four departments, it is not a bad thing. Their destiny is only about the promise of filling a void. So there is no such space in the reach of “Wealth”. It was one of the things that I regret for having milling capital; Get well soon!

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