Series News Series industry’s new favorite city Adana

Series industry’s new favorite city Adana


Which lines will be shown in Adana?

Istanbul has been hosting many furnishings for years. Some of the series started in different cities and then continued in Istanbul. In the summer months, a number of towns and villages along the Aegean coast became venues for series sets. The last favorite city was Adana.

Oya Dogan from Vatan Newspaper, received a letter on what new series will start in Adana, and what details did he give?

“The new look of the series industry: Adana

The new look of the series industry was Adana. But in this sector, my mind always comes from Faruk Teber in Adana. I think if everybody is going to take a series in Adana after the Farmer’s lineup, everyone thinks Teber is coming. Already the code name is now being prepared for a named project in Adana. However, this season I have heard a lot of stories that will start in Adana and reach İstanbul. Kanal D will come to the screen Humanity Crime, Show TV will be published in Wealth, Ay Yapım’ın prepared work will start in Adana. In short, it will be the 4 seats that I hear. Adana … If you go at this speed, you will soon find it difficult to find a place in Adana … But Çukurova’s story will decorate the screens … “