Artists News Serkan Çayoğlu fans will be very impressed by the new historical series project!

Serkan Çayoğlu fans will be very impressed by the new historical series project!


TRT 1’s highly anticipated new series “Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı” (Mehmed: Sultan of Conquests), which tells the life of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, meets the audience on Tuesday, February 27 at 20.00.

Considering that the series starring Serkan Çayoğlu will reflect a very important period of history and that the conquest of Istanbul will be presented to the audience within the project, “Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı” seems to be a project that can be written into the minds of the audience.

Serkan Çayoğlu is known for the projects he has been involved in that have attracted great attention both in our country and abroad for many years and have influenced large audiences. Çayoğlu, who demonstrates his talents with his successful roles and has a character that improves himself at every opportunity, will appear before the audience with a very difficult role.

It is not easy to portray a personality like Fatih Sultan Mehmed, who ends one era and begins another, but Serkan Çayoğlu fans believe that he will cope with this difficult task.

The shooting of the series, whose first presentation caused a great stir, started in the first week of January. The international shooting of the project, which was carried out during a long preparation period, was made at Nour Cinema City, the famous plateau of Iran’s century of happiness.

Türkiye shootings are carried out on different plateaus, mainly TRT International Çekmeköy plateaus. In the project, which will shed light on the life of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, one of the most magnificent rulers of Ottoman History, a story running parallel to the life of Fatih and the important stages of the life of Eyüp el Ensari, one of the important figures of the Islamic world, are covered.

Famous actors such as Serkan Çayoğlu, Selim Bayraktar, Fikret Kuşkan, Tuba Ünsal, Sinan Albayrak, Kenan Çoban, Bülent Alkış, Savaş Özdemir, Esila Umut, Ali Nuri Türkoğlu portray the heroes of the period. Seçkin Özdemir, Ayşegül Günay, Ulvi Alacakaptan, Teoman Kumbaracaıbaşı, Ertuğrul Postoğlu, Beyti Engin and Emine Ün are also among the notable actors.

World famous star Ghassan Massoud plays the character of Eyüp el Ensari in the cast of the most anticipated TV series of the new season, “Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı”.

Ghassan Massoud, who made a name for himself with successful productions such as Kingdom of Heaven and Pirates of the Caribbean, was accompanied by a special make-up team brought from Iran and America.

The second trailer of the series attracted great attention on social media.

The script of the series, produced by Eyüp Gökhan Özekin and directed by Şafak Bal, was written by Ozan Bodur. The second trailer of the series attracted great attention on social media.”Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı” , which will meet the audience on TRT 1 on Tuesday, February 27, is already considered one of the most powerful productions in the history of Turkish television.

“Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı” series will be on TRT 1 with its first episode on Tuesday, February 27 at 20.00…