Serra Arıtürk reappeared with a new series!
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30 March 2023 04:36


Serra Arıtürk reappeared with a new series!

Young actress Serra Arıtürk took the lead role in the Kanal D TV series Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe for love) last summer. The actress, who shared the lead role with Kadir Doğulu, also attracted a lot of attention because it was her first TV series. Even though the story wasn’t long-lasting, Serra Arıtürk made a strong impression with her successful performance.

Serra Arıtürk, who preferred not to be seen for about a year and was the subject of the magazine’s agenda from time to time with her private life, decided to return to the screen again. The young actress  said that a busy period has begun for her.

Serra Arıtürk said, “It’s a bit busy for me these days. Rehearsals have started, the series is coming,” she said. Announcing that she will take part in a project that will be broadcast digitally, Serra Arıtürk did not want to give details about her new series.

Serra Arıtürk, who is known for her musical works as well as acting, said that she will have some surprises for her followers in this regard. The actress said, “I have a new song to be released, it has preparations.”

Serra Arıtürk added that she sang her own composition and that it would be a pop RMB song, and that she had an intense preparation period for both the series and the clip.

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