Şevket Çoruh said what was not said in Arka Sokaklar!
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29 November 2022 12:02


Şevket Çoruh said what was not said in Arka Sokaklar!

Famous actor Şevket Çoruh has been together with the Arka Sokaklar TV series team since 2006. The actor, who gives life to the character of Mesut commissioner, is also loved by the audience. The actor, who spent his earnings from the series on the theater he opened called Baba Sahne, is happy to continue his art.

Şevket Çoruh, who stated that he did not believe that the project would take that long when it first came to him in 2006, underlined that they are doing an important job with the whole team. The actor stated that the series has a great chance, although it has not been talked about so far. Maybe Arka Sokaklar continues on its way with great efforts, but we should not forget the fact that luck is on your side.

Şevket Çoruh emphasized that they are like family in the series and they see each other for most of the week. The famous actor cut the 600th episode cake with his teammates and made the following statement:

“Turker Bey said at the beginning that he was doing a long-term job. This was his incredible foresight. The first day we spoke was not convincing in 2006, but Türker Abi’s predictions were correct. This is not only a foresight, but of course a great association. With its screenwriter, writer, director, the whole crew, everyone behind the scenes, with its editing, its voice, etc. an important success.

600 episodes, 16 years, 16 seasons, the continuation of a series has a little chance, frankly, it’s a lucky job. Let’s hope that the projects of all our other working brothers who do other work in Turkish television will continue for many years. As a team, we are side by side for 600 episodes, which is very important to us.
I see Zafer Abiyi, Özgür and my colleagues more than my relatives. Because we are here almost 6-7 days a week. Our new friends joined our series. We will finish this season with them. 600 episodes have many memories for us.

Our friends who left our series, our lost actor brothers and sisters became our sisters, let’s remember them here too. As I said, it is very important for us, and for Kanal D it has become a cult business that continues for 16 seasons.”

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