I love Pınar Deniz's acting in the series Yargı!
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29 November 2022 11:57


I love Pınar Deniz’s acting in the series Yargı!

One of the most common words you see on social media about Yargı series broadcast on Kanal D on Sunday evenings is in the title… Fans of the series think that Pınar Deniz, who plays the character of Ceylin, has successfully portrayed the role.

The phrase “I love Pınar Deniz’s acting” is now repeated every week by the fans of the series. Thousands of messages from Pınar Deniz fans adorn the social media… The first 5 episodes of Yargı series were very popular. The series, which also made a good debut in the ratings, took the second place. However, the Kanal D series also winked for the first place.

Fans of the series, who are eagerly waiting for the new episode of the series, in which Kaan Urgancıoğlu also gave a great performance, make good comments about Pınar Deniz.

Fans of the series, who commented, “Again action, again excitement is simply perfect,” state that they even watched the short trailer for the sixth episode with admiration.

The audience, who wished that the screenwriter would not make any mistakes for such a good job, also believes very much in Sema Ergenekon, who is the owner of the story. Sema Ergenekon, who collected the script after 2 years of effort, put forward a fiction that progressed very well with the experiences she gained at the Courthouse.

Yargı series fans, who think that all the actors are very successful in their roles, make comments that they look forward to Sunday evenings. This positive picture for Yargı series gives the image that its ratings will increase and it can get ahead of Teşkilat.

On Sunday nights, The Agency is currently in show #1. However, this may change on the evening of October 24. Because the series of Yargı had a very good start and if it gets a little stronger, it will not be a surprise for anyone to take the first place.

The fact that the character Ceylin, played by Pınar Deniz, is a strong woman is another point that affects the audience. The viewers, who wish the series with plenty of action and a strong story to continue for a long time, are impatiently waiting for new episodes.

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