Sharing from the social media account of Yasak Elma series broke!
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29 November 2022 11:25


Sharing from the social media account of Yasak Elma series broke!

Yasak Elma, which came to the screen with its 130th episode this week, again burst into laughter from the audience! Yasak Elma, the absurd comedy series that does not end in intrigue, is now indispensable on Monday evenings! The series, which has been on the screen for 5 seasons, is watched a lot with every episode and is also a favorite of social media!

Especially the words of Yıldız, played by Eda Ece, are circulating on social media. Yıldız, who has become a phenomenon character now, has such videos that they are watched thousands of times and her words are a rosewood!

Likewise, Ender, brought to life by Şevval Sam with her successful acting, is a phenomenon character. Between Yıldız and Ender, a friend and an enemy emerges at unexpected times. The duo, who become friends when their interests cross and plot intrigues behind others, sometimes contradicts!

When Doğan comes between Yıldız and Ender, who have been standing side by side for a while, their mutually beneficial friendship is over! Ender confronted Yıldız, who had a marriage with Doğan, whom she deeply liked, even if only for show! She also made a new move and proposed to Çağatay.

So the alliance is over! This situation was revealed with a joke that was shared on the social media account of Yasak Elma. Emir Caner and Ender join the group “Don’t forget that nothing will happen to us!” that Yıldız founded on WhatsApp.

However, when the partnership breaks down, Ender leaves! Yildiz said, “Ay Endo has officially left the group!” While her words make you laugh, Ender’s “Endo joined, Endo left” notifications are also reflected in the post…

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