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5 July 2022 12:33


Sharp criticism from Halit Ergenç!

Many viewers shed tears after the Babel series, which made the final with its 20th episode on Star TV screen. There was a tremendous staff gathered, but this is where the story could come. Halit Ergenç gave life to the character of İrfan and performed a performance that once again enchanted his fans.

The famous actor explained the details of his acting adventure in the live chat he attended on Instagram. Stating that he stepped into the sector with small roles, Halit Ergenç stated that financial concerns came to the fore in television business. In a sense, financial concerns were also expressed by Ergenç as the reason why the TV series were finished like this. “There are different concerns on TV. There are financial concerns on TV. But in essence, the whole thing is the audience accepting and believing the story told ”.

Stating that he rose step by step by playing second-degree roles and then first-degree roles after guest acting in the series, Halit Ergenç also criticized the underestimating statements of his colleagues about the series in the past. Ergenç, who participated in the interview organized by Sabancı University Theater Club on the university’s Instagram account, said:

“Some of our colleagues were speaking a little dismissive of their work in the TV series. Some I can’t tell everyone. But over time it was realized that this was not the case. After all, the series is a business that reaches very large audiences. Millions of people watch every episode. Therefore, in the eyes of so many people, how you do your job is in question. You definitely want to do something good. ”

Underlining that there was a big difference between the shooting stages of the TV series and the present in the past years, the master actor said, “Acting efficiency has changed and improved a lot. It has improved in a good way, ”he said.

Underlining that the theater has a very different magic, Ergenç reminded that when he played on TV, he got the reward for it on the street, but he said that going on the stage was a very magical thing. The actor expressed the difference between the theater and the television, saying, “I do not see the feeling when the play is over, after going on the stage and playing it anywhere else.”

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