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6 July 2022 09:21


Demet Özdemir shared such a video that the surprise of My Home My Destiny!

TV8’s popular TV series, My Home My Destiny, is among the productions watched with great interest on Wednesdays. While every episode of the series is watched with excitement, the audience often sees what will happen in the next episode from Demet Özdemir’s posts! Özdemir, as a name that uses social media effectively, showed a surprise scene in the new episode with her latest behind-the-scenes post!

The series, starring İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir, came to the screen with its 25th episode this week. The series became more exciting with the participation of Engin Öztürk with the character of Barış.

Following the last episode where Barış and Zeynep got closer, the audience who wanted the duo to be together probably experienced great joy with the sharing of Demet Özdemir!

Moreover, it seems like a wish that the audience wishes to be a reality! The viewers who match Emine and Savaş characters together will see these 4 names while eating at the same table!

The 26th episode trailer of the series has not been released yet, but Demet Özdemir gave a clue of what will happen in the next part of the series, with the sharing of the shots taken at Barış’s house from behind the camera!

Savaş, Barış, Emine and Zeynep are sitting at the dinner table, having a pleasant dinner.

Apparently, after the scene where Barış and Zeynep are getting closer, our couples are meeting at a special dinner table, although not alone!

The video that Demet Özdemir shot during the preparations during the shooting of the scene created excitement in the social media. The followers of the series are already excited to see these scenes ..

We will watch and see what will happen, but in one of the posts Demet Özdemir made from those scenes shot in Barış’s house, the words “The house I was kidnapped is my destiny” seems to explain the situation!

The spoiler Demet Özdemir gave before the 26th episode promotion was published, is the kind that will excite her followers too!

Here is that sharing …

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