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6 July 2022 15:12


They shined with the Sisterhood, shared the same fate in Redemption and Unfaithful!

One of the series that aired last season was Sisterhood… Production was short, but the young actors in the team drew great attention. One of these names was Özge Özacar, who gave life to the character of Azra. The actor is now showing his talents in Redemption.

Meeting the audience on the Fox TV screen on Sunday evenings, we watch the character of Meltem, who seduces a married man, condones the kidnapping of his children and does not care about the suffering of others for her own ambitions. Özge Özacar puts forth such a successful performance that viewers immediately notice her.

Melis Sezen was also in the cast with Özge Özacar in the Sisterhood series. Now these two young actresses are involved in successful jobs. Like Melis Sezen, who made a big break with Derin character in Unfaithful, Meltem and Özge Özacar continue to give a strong performance in Redemption.

Both actors give life to two female characters who fall in love with married men, refuse to be mistresses, and use every means to obtain them.

Both Melis Sezen and Özge Özacar also share a common fate in their new series.

Özge Özacar posted a pose from the set on her Instagram account. Özacar, who dazzled her with her beauty in the scene where Ahmet and Meltem got married in the series, had great interest from her followers.

Melis Sezen left a comment on the player’s share saying “You are very beautiful”. Özacar replied, “Melom, my beautiful friend is my life”.

Both actors receive great support from their followers and dazzle with their success.

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