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7 July 2022 03:39


A beautiful dream in The Innocents

The Innocents, which was broadcast on TRT1 screens, one of the popular TV series of Tuesday evenings, left 15 episodes behind and the new episode will be the scene of great excitement on Tuesday, December 29. The first trailer of the new episode where Safiye and Naci characters will stand out was the event.

The trailer, which rose to number 2 in Youtube trends, gained 2 million views on this platform in a short time. Safiye and Naci’s imaginary wedding scene received nearly 50 thousand likes. Of course, thousands of comments also greatly increased the interaction.

A glimmer of hope emerged for Safiye, who began to change with the arrival of her childhood love Naci. In the last episode where the character played by Ezgi Mola will experience a change, she was exhibited by stopping her mother, that is, her inner voice. This was a huge step for Safiye. In the 16th episode of The Innocents, Safiye and Naci will meet and tell each other what they have done. The spark of love between them will be on fire again.

The scenes where Safiye wears a wedding dress, which was reflected in the 16th episode trailer of the series, also attracted great attention. Viewers know it’s a dream, but they think even a dream is beautiful. Thousands of comments were made on this subject on social media.

There is also the issue of Naci’s wife, which is a question mark on how to solve it. TV series fans who are looking forward to Tuesday comment, “We really want Naci and Safiye to meet”. However, screenwriters will write many more scenes on this subject, so you should not expect an easy meeting.

Here is the 16th episode trailer of The Innocents:

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