She even shocked the dietitian in the Yasak Elma series! Here is a legendary scene from Eda Ece!
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3 February 2023 13:11


She even shocked the dietitian in the Yasak Elma series! Here is a legendary scene from Eda Ece!

The action never ends in the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, which came to the screen with its 6th season! Along with the scenes where the laughter flies in the air, the scenes of the Yıldız characters do not fall out of the language of social media!

Eda Ece, who plays Yıldız, who has almost turned into a phenomenon character, performs such a successful acting that every scene is a different event! After the episodes of Yasak Elma on social media, Yıldız scenes are almost drowned in comments by the audience!

Eda Ece and Şevval Sam, who have been on the screen with the characters Ender and Yıldız since the first episode of the series, are performing such a popular performance that every scene is a different event for those who watch the series!

Especially in the last period, Yıldız’s performance has been increasing and giving the audience fun moments with their jokes bursting one after the other.

Yıldız’s scenes were marked again in the 156th episode of the series, which was broadcast on Monday evening! The conversation Yıldız, who wanted to lose weight, had with the dietitian who came to the house, almost made the audience laugh!

Dietitian “Our family is keeping edema. Do you believe it can go up and down even in the same day?” Yildiz, who was surprised at the first moment, said, “Believe me, I’m not motionless. I have two children upstairs and two enemies. Believe me, my brain even burns from chasing them and making plans all day.”

The dietitian, who recommends a walk in the forest and advises her to walk in the forests of Belgrade in Istanbul, said, “There is a huge beach here, why are we going to Belgrade?” Yildiz said, once again revealing the lack of general culture, looking at the dietitian’s astonished gaze without understanding anything, causing the audience to have a laughing attack!

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