Sinem Kobal appeared 1 month after birth!
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5 October 2022 18:45


Sinem Kobal appeared 1 month after birth!

Famous couple Kenan İmirzalıoğlu and Sinem Kobal have happy days with their babies. Their daughter, whom they named Lalin, was born on 22 October. The two have been having exciting days with their daughters for 1 month.

The couple, who went to the doctor for a check, was caught by the cameras on the exit. On the question of how things are at home, Sinem Kobal said, “We are fine, everything is fine, thank God. It has been exactly 1 month. We came for control, everything is fine, ” She said.

When asked who the baby looks like, the actress said, “It’s much smaller, it changes every day. 40 of them have not been released yet. Let’s see when a little more time passes, you will see it anyway ”.

Sinem Kobal said that she did not suffer such as insomnia and that there is nothing to call trouble, and reminded that Lalin is growing like every baby and 40 of them have not come out yet.

The couple, who kept their distance due to the coronavirus, were wearing masks and being careful. Kenan İmirzalıoğlu warned a passing person and asked him to wear his mask.

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