Sinem Kobal fans are here! There is news from the beautiful actress!
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28 September 2022 08:42


Sinem Kobal fans are here! There is news from the beautiful actress!

The famous actress Sinem Kobal, who has been away from the screens for about 4 years, gave birth to two children in this process. The actress, who is remembered for her role in the Selena TV series and continues to be remembered by her fans with her old TV series, is happily married to her colleague Kenan İmirzalıoğlu and has two daughters, Lalin and Leyla.

The actress, who has not been involved in a project on the screen for a long time, appeared in commercials from time to time. Sinem Kobal, who spends all her time taking care of her children, from time to time satisfies her longing with her social media posts.

The beautiful actress made her last post on social media on the occasion of her birthday. Sinem Kobal, born on August 14, 1987, will soon turn 35. The actress made sense of her birthday this year and donated it to the Cancer Free Life Association.

Sinem Kobal shared the following statements in her Instagram account; “August 14 is my birthday. I wish my new age to come again and again this year with beauties. I ask you to help me do good and heal together. I opened a campaign for @kansersizyasam on the @iyilikpaylas platform and donated my birthday.

For the children we can make laugh thanks to the supports you send me as a gift; I know that you will not spare your valuable help again. Thank you all so much in advance. Donation link is in my Bio. With love.”

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