Artists News [Sinem Kobal] surprised

[Sinem Kobal] surprised


[Sinem Kobal] latest news …

The first show of Mehmed The Conqueror was done.

During the first show of the series, all actors and actresses and invited guests met.

However, there was a major deficiency; SinemKobal …

The leading actor of the Kenanİmirzalıoğlu…

SinemKobal was not on her husband’s most important day.

Explanation of this situation attracted great attention.

Actress, who had problems with her teeth, could not be with her partner because hersoreness increased.

Mehmed The Conqueror was the first part of the series.

But there are too many criticisms about the drama series …

If the rating of the second episode is low, the status of the episode will deteriorate.