Sinem Kobal's choice was not good for his career!
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5 October 2022 17:26


Sinem Kobal’s choice was not good for his career!

Sinem Kobal, the famous actress who has been away from the screen for 3 years, continues to be remembered by her fans for her old series. The actress, who was not forgotten with her role in the Selena series, missed her followers, who were not involved in any project.

Sinem Kobal, who does not take place in the magazine due to quarantine days other than social media shares, and who closes to her home, lives a happy life with her husbond Kenan İmirzalıoğlu.

Sinem Kobal, who occasionally makes her followers happy with her posts on her instagram account, also gets many compliments with her beauty. Sinem Kobal, who made a new post, made thousands of likes.

The comments made by highlighting the beauty of their followers are remarkable. The actress’s reminder of the roles in her old TV shows from time to time. However, it has been an inevitable result that there has been a serious pause in her career and her popularity has started to decrease due to her absence from a new project for 3 years.

Sinem Kobal, which has 5.5 million followers on Instagram, can increase its popularity even more if it starts a new project. Another detail that attracts attention is the fact that especially the foreign fans of the player are few.

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