Singing suited Selin Şekerci very well!
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4 February 2023 11:22


Singing suited Selin Şekerci very well!

Famous actress Selin Şekerci showed that her voice is beautiful with the singer she portrayed in the BluTV series Yeşilçam. The actress, who won great admiration from her fans, sang the song “Bir Garip Yolcuyum”, sung by many artists.

The tone of Selin Şekerci’s voice and the spirit she gave to the song on the stage in the second season of Yeşilçam TV series won the audience’s appreciation.

A short part of the song was published on Instagram and the fans of the series also gave great support to the actress. Fans of the series, who left comments saying, “How beautifully you said we loved it,” commented that Selin Şekerci, who plays the character of Mine Cansu, was very successful in both acting and voice performance.

Selin Şekerci, who entered the studio for the recording of the song, said the following about this performance, which also excited her:

“There were scenes where I sang in the projects I was involved in before, but this time it required a much different work technically. Before I recorded the song, I listened to the songs made in that period, the way they use the words, their articulations, the places they are printed are so different and unique that it was necessary to try to achieve the feeling of that period in every detail. Cüneyt Yamaner made the arrangement at that time; We pursued elements such as which instruments are used and how the feeling should be. It’s like experiencing a time machine as an actress.”

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