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Smart reply from Demet Özdemir

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Demet Özdemir, who gave life to the character of Zeynep in the TV series My Home My Destiny, is highly acclaimed with her acting performance on the screen, and is closely followed by her fans on social media. Every movement of the actress is reflected in the magazine’s agenda. Working with the Pantene brand, the actress made statements to the cameras after the launch she attended.

Demet Özdemir, who explained that she made her skin and hair care at home with the products of the brand, drew great attention with her elegance. The actress in black was also remarkable with her accessories. Explaining that he also wanted to move on to the drama-based My Home My Destiny, after a romantic comedy like Day Dreamer, the actress mentioned that different roles are the desire of every actress.

Reporters posed a suggestive question to get sneaking words that could be news. “If there’s a role in acting, would you get it shaved to shave your hair?”

Demet Özdemir stated that she liked this question and said: “Since I have a good series right now, I am in favor of evaluating such dreams after more projects come. But of course I am someone who thinks that the actor should be able to do everything. ”

“Would you like to make an inverted corner?” When asked another suggestive question, the famous actress replied with the following words: “I would like. The drama transition was for me. I am enjoying it right now. After this series is over, I will definitely embrace new dreams. It will be a great excitement and joy for an actor, especially for me, to do something different in every project in every series. I will think about how many opposite corners it can be. ”

The reporters’ questions were fabricated and they were curious about the character in the actres’ mind, her dream. Özdemir, who gave a mischievous answer, left the issue of how much of the opposite corner role could be. The actress also laughed at this question and its answer for a while.

“Would you like to play a serial killer?” With a question, reporters tried to get details from the famous actress. Demet Özdemir said, “Why not, it would be exciting. Actually, we are doing a psychological job now. It is a job with such corners and the drama is very heavy. It can be as you say, ”he said.

The most important issues for her; Stating that she has family, friends and a job, the actress stated that she recovered in this way when she stumbled.