Something happened to Kardeşlerim series, those who saw the ratings were stunned!
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2 April 2023 09:06


Something happened to Kardeşlerim series, those who saw the ratings were stunned!

Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) series, which aired on ATV on Saturday evenings, continues its broadcast with 3 seasons. Although the 81st episode of the series, which was broadcast last Saturday evening, still maintains its power on social media, the decline in the ratings has started to draw attention.

Kardeşlerim series, which had previously reached up to 9 in the category of all people and even forced the double-digit ratings, has now started to get 7 ratings with difficulty.

As we head towards the end of the third season, many series fans are raising criticism at the story point. The comments reflected on social media indicate that the screenwriters should start a new process.

It is interpreted that the series “Kardeşlerim” has also regressed in the AB and ABC1 categories, and that this break in all audience groups, those who are not very satisfied with the course of the story stop watching.

Of course, it is possible for a strong TV series like Kardeşlerim to attract viewers again through important developments in its story. However, the ratings show that the situation is not very good.

On Saturday evenings, the series Gönül Dağı (Gönül Mountain) and Kardeşlerim are in a strong position. Only Fox TV’s Dokuz Oğuz (Nine Oghuz) series takes place as a rival, but his situation is also troubled. In other words, it is not very meaningful to leave the TV series Kardeşlerim and switch to another series.

It seems that the screenwriters of the series will now think about a new story and that the audience will be convinced and create topics that will increase the curiosity factor again, which will determine the fate of the series.

Many viewers have already started to question whether there will be a 4th season due to this drop in ratings.

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