Songül Öden was talked about with her elegance at the premiere of the Uysallar series!
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5 October 2022 11:28


Songül Öden was talked about with her elegance at the premiere of the Uysallar series!

The special screening of Uysallar, Netflix’s new series by Hakan Günday and Onur Saylak, was held at Atlas Cinema in cooperation with İKSV.

The leading actors of the series Songül Öden, Öner Erkan, Umut Yeşildağ, Nilay Yeral and İbrahim Selim, as well as the creators of the series Hakan Günday and Onur Saylak, its producer Kerem Çatay and Netflix’s content director Pelin Diştaş also attended the event.

Songül Öden, the lead actress of the highly anticipated Uysallar series, shared the photos from the screening with her followers on her Instagram account.

Uysallar, whose cast also includes names such as Haluk Bilginer, Uğur Yücel and Nezaket Erden, tells the story of the questioning and awakening of upper middle class architect Oktay Uysal and his large family.

Songül Öden, whose post received the rating of “My Dream Team”, dazzled with her elegance at the invitation.

The Uysal family may seem like an ideal family in the story that takes place in the undiscovered streets of Istanbul with crooked urban transformation in 2020, and the plaza and residences that continue to rise, but each of them has a double life that they hide from each other.

While the family members live the lives they dream of, unaware of each other, the audience gets to know their tragic, funny and dark sides.

Uysallar, which aims to make the viewer ask “when was the last time I was happy?” while presenting an alternative family story with the unidentified city visual of Istanbul in the background, will be broadcast on Netflix at the same time with the whole world on Wednesday, March 30.

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