Spanish fans have a big dream about Kerem Bürsin!
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9 February 2023 08:53


Spanish fans have a big dream about Kerem Bürsin!

Kerem Bürsin continues to burn Spain. The handsome actor, who went to Madrid to take part in a recent promotion, gave the good news of his new project in Spain. This good news caused Spanish fans to have great expectations about Kerem Bürsin.

After his international success with the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, Kerem Bürsin made another visit to Spain, where he was especially loved, and again attracted the attention of his fans and the press. Kerem Bürsin gave the good news about his new project to be shot in Spain, in a statement to the journalists. And he even said that his projects in Spain will continue.

These statements of Kerem Bürsin created a big event in Spain. Spanish fans had a new expectation about Kerem Bürsin. That is, the handsome actor settled in Spain. The announcement that he will continue his projects in the country brought to mind the possibility of Kerem Bürsin settling in Spain.

The Spanish-language website noted that it would not be surprising if Kerem Bürsin settled in this country. It was pointed out that Kerem Bürsin’s announcement that he will have new projects in Spain and his decision to learn Spanish on the other hand are the first signs of such a decision.

In the article, it was also noted that if Kerem Bürsin moves to Spain, he already has many friends. Reminding that Kerem Bürsin was a guest at Antonio Banderas’ house in Malaga, it was noted that if Kerem Bürsin settled in Spain, he would be welcomed with great happiness.

Kerem Bürsin had been to Spain twice before. He was in the country for a launch again recently. It was said that Bürsin had some meetings and that he would be involved in a project in the coming days.

Kerem Bürsin gave the good news during his last visit to Spain. The actor, who does not want to spoil the surprise by not giving too many details, also stated that she will have a small role in a project, but that the big surprise will come after.

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