It looks like this summer's two rivals will be Tozluyaka and Duy Beni!
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9 February 2023 09:43


It looks like this summer’s two rivals will be Tozluyaka and Duy Beni!

Due to the great interest of my brothers, a high school TV series, the channels decided to bring two TV series of the same genre to the screen this summer: Tozluyaka and Duy Beni (Hear Me). Both series began to be compared by the audience before they even started.

Two new high school TV series are getting ready to come to the screen, following the great interest in the TV series, Kardeşlerim (My Brothers), which successfully completed the second season of ATV. Tozluyaka and Duy Beni, which will be screened as a summer series, will appear as two tough rivals this summer due to their similar stories.

The first episode of the Fox TV series Tozluyaka, which will be screened on Monday, June 27, is about four young people from the poor neighborhood of the city, who start their education at a college where rich children attend. A group of rich family children in the college will be the fierce enemies of the other group from Tozluyaka and will do their best to send them out of school.

Duy Beni will be screened on Star TV. The day of the broadcast of this series, which will also take place in high school, has not been announced yet. The comments made by the viewers as new images from both series come in show that we will witness a very tight struggle throughout this summer.

While some viewers criticize Tozluyaka by comparing it to Kardeşlerim, some say that a new drama with high energy is coming. These viewers point out that Tozluyaka seems much more excited than Duy Beni.

Duy Beni, which will draw attention to the bullying among students in schools, made some viewers fall in love with itself with its trailer.

However, the truth is that no matter how much they are criticized, both series are eagerly awaited. We will see soon what will be the result of the struggle of Tozluyaka and Duy Beni

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