Series News Strange incident that happened to Hazal Türesan!

Strange incident that happened to Hazal Türesan!


One of the leading actress in the Miracle Doctor series published on Fox TV is Hazal Türesan … She portrays the character of Beliz. The name of the hospital where the series was shot was designed as Berhayat. The owner of Berhayat Hospital is Beliz.

Hazal Türesan explained that they had an interesting dialogue with the citizen who came to her when she sat in the cafe of the hospital one day.

Hazal Türesan said:

“One man said, “My wife is in another hospital, our baby is in intensive care here. If I call him, can you tell him that our baby is in good hands?” said.

When I got over the first shock, she said, “I am an actor, and the series is a fiction. I cannot make such a statement. ” She insisted and said,

“Let’s do it anyway, Mrs. Beliz. My wife would be very happy. ” I hardly convinced him that I was Hazal. ”

One of the most important problems of the series actors is that the citizen thinks the character she sees on television. Many actors say that such strange events happen.