Series News Success of the series [The Pit]

Success of the series [The Pit]


[The Pit] latest news …

The series is followed closely every week.

The series was famous for its constant surprise of the audience.

Surprises are dragging their series.

The story becomes even more beautiful as new characters get in series.

The lineup finally joined Elvis character; who plays this character [Saygin Soysal]

However, this is the beginning, more characters will join the lining.

There is a story in your hand that will fill 3 seasons.

Elvis lived a tragedy when he was a child.

The start of the new character line was effective.

Elvis managed to create excitement in the eyes.

[Aras Bulut Iynemli]’s last series Inside lasted only one season due to the story.

The leading actor of the series is very pleased.

Now the actor is more comfortable … Leading a story that lasts at least three seasons.

Actor is expanding its fan base by announcing its name to the whole world.