Series News Şükran Ovalı is back on the screen, it’s back! She hugged the message following the Yargı series!

Şükran Ovalı is back on the screen, it’s back! She hugged the message following the Yargı series!

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Famous actress Şükran Ovalı took part as a guest actress in TV series after she got married and gave birth to her daughter Mihran Ela. Ovalı, who got married to football player Caner Erkin in 2017, took her daughters in her arms in 2018. After this process, the actress preferred to be a few episodes instead of taking part in the series for a long time.

After 2017, she made guest appearances in the TV series Vatanım Sensin, Ufak Tefek Cinayetler and Menajerimi Ara. She also played in the TV series Şeref Bey, which was broadcast on the digital platform Exxen. Şükran Ovalı joined the cast of Kanal D’s popular TV series, Yargı, last week. She started to act in the series as Prosecutor Derya.

It is not yet known how long Ovalı’s role will last, how many episodes remain, whether she is a guest actress or not, but it is obvious that she adds great excitement to the audience with her arrival! The actress, who made a name for herself with her success in every project she took part in, made herself miss a lot.

Because, the audience showed the arrival of Şükran Ovalı, whom they ascribed the role of Prosecutor Derya very well, with the messages they published on social media as a happy news. Ovalı was included in the 20th episode of the Yargı series. Her role in the story has not yet been clarified. However, her words about Ilgaz Savcı reflected to the audience that she was a clear, determined and honest personality.

Like Prosecutor Pars, Derya Prosecutor became a character loved by the audience from the first episode, with her daring, full-fledged believer in the law and a true legal fighter. If screenwriter Sema Ergenekon does not turn a corner, it looks like Pars will get great support from Derya in defending Ilgaz and Ceylin! At least, both of them, as reassuring lawyers, became the reassuring names of the series with their two brave prosecutors who will reveal all the games aimed at changing the course of the case.

Derya’s words with Ilgaz also drew attention. It was also a pleasing development for the audience that Ilgaz emphasized that he was known for his successes in his profession as an honest prosecutor, and that she did not believe that he was responsible for Engin’s death in the case.

There is a possibility that Pars will work with Derya on the same case, even though she does not want to, and while everyone is waiting for the love of Seda and Pars, a big reverse corner will be made and the love of Pars and Derya will start! Let’s see if Derya is someone like the one portrayed in the first episode? Will there be a love affair with Pars? We will watch and see, but the appearance of Şükran Ovalı in the series was a good step in terms of not decreasing the tension in the Yargı and in terms of new excitement…

In the meantime, many messages came to Şükran Ovalı from famous names as well as viewers, due to her involvement in the series Yargı. Ovalı also published some of these messages on his Instagram page… Here are some of them…