Supporting the psoriasis project from Öykü Karayel
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29 March 2023 16:32


Supporting the psoriasis project from Öykü Karayel

Supporting the psoriasis project from Öykü Karayel, actress wife of the famous singer Can Bonomo’s… Novartis “Face Psoriasis, Be Free!” se implemented her project. The digital launch of the project was broadcast live on the Instagram account of the project ambassador, actor Öykü Karayel, on October 28th.

With the video project “Face Your Psoriasis, Get Free” featuring actor Öykü Karayel, attention is drawn to the difficult journey of psoriasis patients. In the video, symptoms such as lesion, rash, drying, and flaking that psoriasis patients struggle with are placed on Karayel’s face using a 3D mapping system.

Karayel, who portrays a psoriasis patient living with these symptoms, sees that the symptoms disappear as soon as he accepts the disease and starts his treatment. Karayel, who gives up hiding with the process of accepting the disease, learns to cope with her disease by confronting her.

Stating that he was happy to take part in the project, Karayel said, “With the project of Face Your Psoriasis, Get Free, I noticed that psoriasis patients are isolated from the society and become lonely. Unfortunately, we create this situation with our looks and attitude. There is a prejudice against psoriasis in the community. “We wanted to draw attention to the fact that psoriasis is a treatable disease in order to break this prejudice and instill hope in psoriasis patients.”

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