You will find Berker Güven very different on the screen!
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23 March 2023 04:25


You will find Berker Güven very different on the screen!

Berker Güven, who started his screen journey with the character of Alexi in the TV series Wounded Love, gained great popularity with the character Nedim he portrayed in the series Ruthless City. The young actor is preparing to appear before his fans with a new project.

Berker Güven will give life to the character of İskender on Show TV from Thursday, November 5th, with the series named Flame Of Fate. He will again be the son of a rich man from Nedim in Ruthless City to Alexander… But this time he is a cowardl one. You will see a character who does not care about his lover’s life for his own life.

While he runs away in the fire, Ömer will save his lover Rüya. But what will İskender do? He will endeavor to cover his own shame by putting forward his business card and telling Ömer that he will give as much money as he wants.

We will watch Berker Güven and Dilan Çiçek Deniz as partners in the new series. Cihangir Ceyhan, on the other hand, may be the person who comes between this love in the character of Ömer.

Berkar Güven is very excited for his new series. He reveals this excitement in his posts on social media.

The actor also found support from his co-star in Ruthless City, Sera Kutlubey, on social media. Kutlubey stated that he liked the series with the bomb emojis.

Berker Güven fans also made comments stating that they are looking forward to the new production and the new character of the actor.

Here is the sharing of Berker Güven about the series Alev Alev:

We will be able to watch this scene in 1 week at @showtv ? @ayyapim @alevalevtvdizi @ceyhancihangir

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