Series News Surprise name for Atv’s ambitious project, Hakim! She played in Hekimoğlu last!

Surprise name for Atv’s ambitious project, Hakim! She played in Hekimoğlu last!

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New information about the Hakim series, which will be broadcast on ATV channel, continues to come. The preparations for the series are in progress. Regarding the cast, no name was on the agenda until a short time ago, but it is on the agenda that an ambitious player is included in the squad.

Hakim is an adaptation of the TV series Your Honor. The TV series Your Honor, which was very popular at the time it was broadcast in the USA, was actually adapted from the Israeli television series Kvodo. The Hakim series, which will be produced by Limon Film, which has bought the rights of the series, is already among the ambitious productions of ATV.

Its story is also said to be extremely influential. The casting of the series is still in progress. It is not yet clear who will play the protagonist, Michael Desiato, in the original version of the story.

The latest news about the Hakim series reveals the claim of the series once again. Because, Ebru Özkan, a name that attracts great attention and is admired for her acting in every production she takes part in, was included in the cast of the Hakim series.

It was learned that Ebru Özkan, who recently came to the screens with the Hekimoğlu series, made an agreement with the Hakim series. It is not yet clear in which role the actor will take part in the series. Meanwhile, Ebru Özkan also starred in the TV series Şahmaran, which was shot for Netflix, starring Burak Deniz and Serenay Sarıkaya.

The American-made Your Honor series was broadcast as 10 episodes in total. In the series, it is told that the Hakim, the father of a young man who accidentally killed the son of an extremely dangerous mafia father, took risks for his son.

Yılmaz Şahin writes the script of the series Hakim. Soner Caner and Erkan Tunç will be co-directing the series.

Various names have been on the agenda of the media for a long time about the Hakim series. Haluk Bilginer’s name was mentioned first, but Bilginer will appear on the screen with the TV series Baba. Oktay Kaynarca was also spoken, but this claim was not confirmed either.