Series News It turned out why the Sadakatsiz series was not published!

It turned out why the Sadakatsiz series was not published!

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Sadakatsiz, the popular TV series on Kanal D screens, has recently been criticized for not being a novelty in its story and for its scenario that takes place in the same places. Sadakatsiz, an adaptation of the BBC’s award-winning series Doctor Foster, is broadcast on Wednesday evenings. Recently, backstage news came to the agenda regarding the revision of the script of the series.

While the developments in the series were eagerly awaited, it was announced on social media that Sadakatsiz will not be published this week. The new episode of the series starring Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen, Caner Cindoruk and Berkay Ateş did not come to the screen.

This statement, which came at the last moment from the series, whose 47th episode was eagerly awaited, was a sad development for those who were eagerly waiting for the new episode. While the followers of the series were wondering why, it was stated that social media was taken for a week due to health reasons.

It turned out why the Sadakatsiz series was not published! 8

In the statement made, “We are taking a short health break for this week’s broadcast of Sadakatsiz. See you next week” message was given. Although the subject was not announced in detail, it was estimated that there were people who caught the coronavirus on the set of the series after this message.

Recently, similar situations have been experienced in many TV series sets. Generally, the shootings are interrupted for a while in cases where it is not possible for the leading actors to catch the coronavirus and change the story. After the player is out of quarantine, filming begins again.

It is also stated in the message that the Sadakatsiz series will be broadcast again a week later. While the excitement for the 47th episode continued, it was recently mentioned that new people were added to the story of the series. From now on, the life of Volkan and Asya’s sons, Ali, will be handled in a little more detail in the series. New names will be included in the series as the mother and father of his girlfriend.

It turned out why the Sadakatsiz series was not published! 9

The new story is intended to add some excitement to Sadakatsiz. The viewers’ dislike for the relationship between Aras, played by Berkay Ateş, and Asya, brought to life by Cansu Dere, is often reflected in the comments they make on their social media accounts.

In the new episodes, Ali’s girlfriend will come to the series, and his parents will be included in Sadakatsiz with their new stories. In addition, the rapprochement between the character Onur played by Serhat Parıl and Derin played by Melis Sezen is expected to increase the excitement.