Series News A development that will surprise even those who say “This is Yasak Elma, anything can happen”!

A development that will surprise even those who say “This is Yasak Elma, anything can happen”!

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There is no such thing as ‘can’t’ in the TV series Yasak Elma, which airs on Fox TV on Monday evenings! There are so many interesting associations, events and developments that it surprises the audience every time! Still, the followers of the series said, “This is the Yasak Elma, everything happens!” they keep thinking. But some developments continue to make people say ‘no way’!

Yasak Elma, starring Şevval Sam, Eda Ece, Biran Damla Yılmaz and Berk Oktay, manages to lock the audience on the screen in the 5th season. The absurd stories of Yasak Elma, which seems to have guaranteed the 6th season, at a time when many series barely lasted for even one season, are endless!

In Yasak Elma, the most scheming and absurd comedy series on the screen, the events and surprises are endless, and surprising developments are coming one after the other! Tips for the new episode of the show are: “No more, not that much!” the kind that makes you say!

Another surprise awaits the audience in the upcoming episodes of Med Yapım’s Yasak Elma series! As you know, after the marriage rush of Kumru and Çağatay, Yıldız’s move came and the marriage with Doğan was a development that surprised the audience.

This time, another surprise wedding is on the way! Judging by the backstage information given by journalist Birsen Altuntaş, Yasak Elma is getting ready to turn a corner again for the audience! Because an unexpected move is coming from Ender, the queen of intrigue, who is not under any move!

It is said that after the arranged marriages of Doğan and Yıldız, Ender will make a similar move with Çağatay! Another very controversial step is being taken in the TV series Yasak Elma, which made the impossible possible! Ender will propose to Çağatay!

After the marriage claim of Çağatay and Ender, brought to life by Berk Oktay, the most curious thing is what will the Kumru, played by Biran Damla Yılmaz, do! Yasak Elma, which leaves the audience with big opposite corners with every episode, will apparently take a big step again in doing the unexpected!

In the meantime, another backstage information is that Ece İrtem will join the series with the character of Meriç. Meriç is included in the story as a close friend of Kumru…