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7 July 2022 02:09


Surprise pose by Sinem Kobal

Famous couple Sinem Kobal and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu embraced their daughter, whom they were eagerly awaiting, on October 22. In these days when Sinem Kobal is experiencing the joy of motherhood, the sweet rush continues. The acting couple named their daughter Lalin.

Sinem Kobal and Kenan İmirzalıoğlu have not published their daughter’s photo yet. In no way has anyone seen Lalin from any social media account or otherwise.

Everyone is wondering about the Lalin baby, who is not even a month old, but it seems that the couple will keep their little daughter out of sight for a while.

Sinem Kobal, on the other hand, gave her first pose after birth despite the 17 days passed. The actress shared a photo taken with her cute dogs.

Below, you can see the post of Sinem Kobal, who was seen to be rapidly returning to her pre-birth state, and that her daughter was sleeping at that time.

Lalin is asleep ❣️?? # mom & brother

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