Surprise turn signal from İlker Kaleli to those waiting for a project!
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2 December 2022 20:41


Surprise turn signal from İlker Kaleli to those waiting for a project!

İlker Kaleli was also happy when he received an award from the school he attended and gave a comeback signal. Famous actor İlker Kaleli attracted attention with his new image at the award ceremony he attended the other day. The actor was awarded with the Poyraz Karayel series, in which he played the leading role many years ago.

At the award ceremony organized by the Istanbul Kultur University Career Club, the actor, who won the “Living TV Series Legend” award, said that it was a special pleasure to receive such an award from young people.

Explaining that he also studied art management at the same university, the actor said, “I am happy. I was very proud. Receiving such an award from an educational institution organized a much more separate and meaningful night. I studied art management at Kultur University, it was nostalgic for me as well,” he said.

Explaining that he was very happy to come back to the same educational institution after many years, the actor said that he was also impressed by the energy of the young people.

İlker Kaleli said, “There is a situation where sincerity is more calculating than sincerity, it tries to reward what it sees and believes, and it is done by voting. Any kind of reward is good. It is also proud that it comes from young people and university students,” he said.

Ilker Kaleli, explaining that there are works that he is negotiating, said that he has not yet encountered a scenario that pervades him. Explaining that he continues to read the script, the actor said that he is willing to return to the sets, saying, “I hope we will meet again soon.”

Ilker Kaleli, who underlined that the television business was in trouble, drew attention to the hard work of those who worked on the set. The actor drew attention with the following words:

“I see that the television business is in trouble. The subject is actually very long, the screenwriter gets tired separately, the team gets tired separately. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with something of quality. It also has a way of making it. Actually, the place is not very important for me. I will come back with works that we believe in, feel, believe in character.”

İlker Kaleli is very eager to return to the sets, but he has not yet found a project he wants to be in. The actor continues to evaluate and may give good news soon.

İlker Kaleli appeared in front of the audience in the 2020-2021 season with the Fox TV series named Öğretmen (meaning: Teacher). Despite its critically acclaimed role and good script, the Öğretmen series only lasted for 9 episodes.

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