The Mahkum series became number one in the world!
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29 November 2022 17:01


The Mahkum series became number one in the world!

The successful TV series Mahkum, broadcast on Thursday evenings, continues to impress a large audience both in the ratings and on social media.

The series, which brought millions of fans to the screen and also remained on the agenda with the shares made on social media, had a great success around the world…

As a result of the research carried out by The Wit List, which lists the TV series with the most followers in a month, the number one series of February was determined as the Mahkum series.

It is not a coincidence that Mahkum came to the forefront as the series with the most follower increase in the Instagram environment.

Because the strong story of the series and impressive acting performances increase the excitement of the audience every week. The social media accounts of the series are also very positively affected by this development.

In the report published by The Wit List for February, Mahkum, which increased the most followers with 190 thousand and ranked first, continues to grow rapidly with the number of followers exceeding 240 thousand.

Another remarkable development was that the production was given a very good 8.2 rating on the page of the Mahkum series on IMDB.

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