Series News The 5 separations in the Son Yaz series were confusing, question marks are flying in the air!

The 5 separations in the Son Yaz series were confusing, question marks are flying in the air!

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What will the second season of Son Yaz be like after all the breakups? There are many series fans who ask this question. Fox TV’s new developments regarding the Son Yaz series, which attracted a lot of attention in the winter season we left behind and impressed a loyal audience, created surprise.

The season finale of Son Yaz, which had a great season, was in the 21st episode and the developments that took place one after another confused everyone. Everyone was surprised when the bomb exploded that the character of Canan, acted by Funda Eryiğit, would not be in the second season. Funda Eryiğit said goodbye to the team and saddened her fans…

Olgun Toker was another name who left the series. Toker joined later, but he still left the audience in awe with his good performance. However, it turned out that the separations were not limited to this.

It was revealed the other day that the important names in the cast of the series left one by one. Emre Karayel, Şebnem Dönmez and Erdem Şanlı are among the names who bid farewell to the project. It is also stated that there may be separations apart from these players, and the audience was not very satisfied with this situation.

The 5 actors who contributed greatly to the warmth and naturalness of the first season of the Son Yaz series are absent in the second season. Also, the fact that the series will continue in Istanbul after the warm and heartwarming atmosphere of Izmir confuses the audience.

So how will the new season be? Will the newly established order look for the first season? Son Yaz fans, who are very curious about the continuation of the story, are looking forward to the new period in Istanbul and want it to be supported with new characters.

Alperen Duymaz, Ali Atay and Hafsanur Sancaktutan will continue to star in the series. Will new roles be added? How fast will the story continue? There are many questions on the minds of the fans of the series.

Because Son Yaz is entering a new era. The first season had very successful results, but will it be able to create the same atmosphere in the second season?

That’s why it’s confusing. A new era, a new story setup, a new order and atmosphere, and the question is, will the interaction between the audience and the story be established in the first season?

We’ll wait and see.