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12 August 2022 17:35


The addictive Mahkum series, see which phenomenon has been compared to the series!

Mahkum series impressed the audience with its first 3 episodes. There is now a brand new alternative for the fans of the TV series on Thursday evenings… Mahkum, which has attracted even the faithful viewers of TV series such as Camdaki Kız, Barbaroslar, Bir Zamanlar Çukurova, has managed to become one of the best productions of the last period on behalf of Fox TV.

Let us remind you that Onur Tuna took part in the story as prosecutor Fırat Bulut, but faced some criticism. In addition to the criticism that the famous actor is not in the image of a prosecutor, it is also evaluated that there are problems in conveying the emotion of some scenes to the audience.

Fans of the series make very positive comments for Mahkum on social media and praise the series and the actors every week. The third episode, which was broadcast on Thursday, December 23, also had a great impact on social media.

Thousands of messages were shared and it was seen that the loyalty to the series increased even more. So what is it that impresses the audience so much? Some series fans give important tips on this subject. We can say that Mahkum series is a puzzle-like series and the fact that it is not clear when it will happen makes the audience very excited.

There is also a group of viewers who stated that they tasted Ezel in the series Mahkum. Comparing Ezel and Mahkum may be a very ambitious situation for now, but it is a fact that the riddle in the series Mahkum drags the audience every episode.

Mahkum series, which raises the bar a little higher with each episode, is already very popular and has gained millions of loyal viewers. You can watch the 4th new episode of the series on Thursday, December 30 at 20:00. Here is the first trailer from the new episode:

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