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9 August 2022 11:20


Eda Ece will surprise her fans on the first day of the new year!

Yasak Elma series, broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings, was the project that Eda Ece made the biggest breakthrough in her career. The young actress, who played the star character, received applause with her successful performance.

Yasak Elma continues on its way in the fifth season. Eda Ece, who enchanted her fans with her improvisational scenes in the series, became the drag of the story with Şevval Sam. Fans of the actress are also satisfied with her performance. Eda Ece, who has rapidly increased her popularity, will surprise her fans on Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Maske Kimsin Sen? which will start on the Fox TV screen competition program begins. Eda Ece is among the detectives. The famous actress will meet her fans on Fox TV with a competition program besides the series.

Besides Eda Ece; Doğu Demirkol, Melis Sezen and Alican Yücesoy will also be among the detectives and will try to get to know the famous name who will sing with a mask.

Tansel Öngel, who plays the character of Naci in the TRT1 TV series named Innocent Apartments, will take her place as the presenter of the program. In each episode of the program, famous names in the studio will act as detectives and try to find out who is under the masks.

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