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13 August 2022 01:38


While Defne Samyeli is happy that she won the case, she listed her New Year’s wishes for Turkey!

Defne Samyeli was very happy that she finally won the case! Defne Samyeli, who stepped into acting with the old presenters and the TV series she played in her last period, came to the fore with the news that her license was confiscated because she was drunk.

However, the actress, who proved that she had a hospital report and was not drunk, was very happy that the court decided in her favor. Defne Samyeli, who got behind the wheel of her car again, used reproachful expressions at the point of justice in her statement.

Defne Samyeli said, “It has been corrected indeed. Even though I lost every case I was right, I was surprised that I won this one too,” she said.

Defne Samyeli thanked for this decision and stated that she had a hospital report. Samyeli said, “I was discouraged, I’m going to court, it doesn’t help.”

Defne Samyeli stated that she had a cold and her immunity had decreased. Stating that she should take good care of herself, the actress stated that she fell ill again.

Stating that 2021 was a mixed year for her, the actress last played a role in the TV series Sol Yanim. Defne Samyeli, who also took the stage, said that she would continue to progress in music.

Explaining that she is in an effort to return to normal in 2021, Defne Samyeli wished for calm in 2022. Defne Samyeli stated that she wants her life to be stable in the new year and that she wants the same for Turkey, and said:

“I want economic stability. I want it to be a stable year where people can see the next week, they don’t have to struggle with the cost, they don’t go to bed worried, our Turkish lira does not lose so much value, we can do our job comfortably and everyone can plan their future.”

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