The Adı Sevgi series made a dream come true!
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9 December 2022 12:52


The Adı Sevgi series made a dream come true!

The excitement continues in the ATV series Adı Sevgi (meaning: name is love). It tells about the struggle of a teacher of a school in Sarpça to solve the big problems that his students face. Gizem Güneş takes part in one of the most special projects of her career with the character of Elif teacher.

The actress, who previously took a side role in the TV series Kuzey Yıldızı (meaning: North Star), is now the leading role… The hopeful story of the TV series Adı Sevgi means a big break for Gizem Güneş’s career. The actress was also impressed by this as she portrayed a strong female character.

Gizem Güneş said, “The thing that impressed me the most is that Elif is a strong woman.” Especially female viewers on the screen are uncomfortable seeing female characters who do not go beyond what men say.

For this reason, there is a special interest in female characters who are strong, able to stand on their feet and make their own decisions and live their lives that way.

Gizem Güneş is in the most special period of her career with such a female character. Stating that she dreams of strong female characters in her previous speeches, the actress is also happy to find a project exactly as she wants.

Speaking to the TV show, the actress said, “I wanted to play a strong woman. I was very excited and very happy to be involved in a story in which women are directed and strong.”

Underlining that the story is realistic, Gizem Güneş also explained that they aim to give hope to the audience. The actress stated that this project is a very good series project for her.

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