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25 May 2022 18:51


The Adı Sevgi was hit in the ratings first, and now the second crisis has come!

Gizem Güneş and Yunus Emre Yıldırımer are in the lead roles in the TV series Adı Sevgi (Love is Name), which is broadcast on ATV on Sunday evenings. While the duo has been through a successful partnership process, it is noteworthy that the audience’s interest is low, despite the fact that the story of the series is an effective drama. This decrease in interest, which occurred not only in the ratings but also in the social media environment, became the subject of two crises in a row for Adı Sevgi.

Gizem Güneş, who attracted attention with her character Feride in the series Kuzey Yıldızı (North Star) and deserves to be the leading actress in the TV series Adı Sevgi, does justice to the role, but the low ratings make it difficult for the actress to stand out.

For Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, who played an influential role with the character of Alparslan Çakırbeyli in the Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (The Bandit) series, the Adı Sevgi series was a production where expectations were not fully met.

Describing the harmony of the two young actors as different and very beautiful, the fans await the scenes of Emir and Elif with even more excitement. You can also find laudatory comments about this duo on social media. However, the fact that the story of the series has not had an impact on a wide audience remains a serious problem.

The sixth episode of the TV series Adı Sevgi, which is in competition with the Yargı (Judgement)  and Teşkilat (Organization) TV series on Sunday evenings, has passed. However, incoming ratings are a big problem and this can lead to a rating crisis….

It is not known how much opportunity ATV will offer to the Adı Sevgi series with low ratings. However, judging by the steps taken by the channel regarding the previous series, it is expected that the Adı Sevgi series will somehow continue until the end of May.

The TV series Adı Sevgi, which took the ninth place in the category of all people with its sixth episode, has been experiencing great difficulties due to the below-average ratings in this category, where it is the strongest, in recent weeks.

Despite the low ratings in AB and ABC1, which ATV could not accept, the show’s holding on to all people gave a glimmer of hope. The loss of viewers in all series due to the month of Ramadan also negatively affected Adı Sevgi.

Fans want the continuation of the story and think Sunday evenings are a good alternative. However, the incoming ratings point to a crisis, and as such, ATV has to take the risk for the continuation of the production.

After the ratings in the series, a crisis is also experienced in the social media environment.

Having difficulty in being effective on social media on Sunday evenings, Adı Sevgi serial lagged far behind its competitors. On April 17, when the Teşkilat series took the first place with 111,100 messages, the Yargı TV series displayed its power on social media with 88,200 messages. The Adı Sevgi series on the other hand, could not exist. This indifference in social media after the ratings draws attention as a second crisis issue.

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