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19 May 2022 21:13


The release date of the provocative Fox TV’s new series, İyilik, has been announced!

The İyilik (Goodness) series, one of the three new series of Fox TV’s preparations for the summer season, announced its release date with its second trailer. Successful names such as İsmail Demirci, Hatice Şendil and Sera Kutlubey take part in the lead roles of the series, which was previously announced as the Kapımdaki Düşman (Enemy at My Door).

The İyilik series, prepared by Medyapım, who has mastered the adaptation series, is an adaptation of the production called The Queen’s House, which was successful in South Korea. Murat Öztürk sits in the director’s chair of the series. Instead of the Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) series, which will finalize on April 22, the İyilik series, which will start broadcasting on April 29, will try to push the ratings on Fridays.

Neslihan, played by Hatice Şendil in the first promotion of the series, has a magnificent and enviable life from the outside. While Neslihan believed in this illusion and thought she was living a perfect life, she learned that the person she trusted most in life, her husband Murat, played by İsmail Demirci, had been cheating on her for a long time.

In the new trailer, shoe designer Murat spends time in the car away from everyone with Damla, brought to life by Sera Kutlubey before the fashion show. Murat tells Damla that he will exhibit the shoe he designed as the most important piece in the fashion show, which makes his lover very happy.

But when Neslihan learns that Murat cheated on her with Damla, the plans change and a big surprise awaits Damla at the fashion show.

İyilik series will be on FOX with its first episode on Friday, April 29 at 20.00!

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