The Ambassador's Daughter series changed Ceyda Düvenci's life!
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26 November 2022 18:52


The Ambassador’s Daughter series changed Ceyda Düvenci’s life!

The Ambassador’s Daughter series, which successfully completed the first season on Star TV, is preparing to appear before its audience with its 18th new episode on Monday, September 7. The surprise name who participated in the first season of the series was Bülent Şakrak.

Bülent Şakrak, the new name of The Ambassador’s Daughter series with the Kahraman Boz character, gives life to a bad man. In the second season of the series, Bülent Şakrak is expected to fill the evil quota with the Kahraman character.

After this development, Ceyda Düvenci found it a wiser decision to move to Bodrum for an 8-month period rather than waiting for her husband’s path.

Known for her loyalty to her home and order, Ceyda Düvenci wrote a long message on her Instagram account and explained why they wanted to settle in Bodrum.

The actress is sure of her decision and has matured the conditions for her daughter Melisa and her son Ali.

Continuing to shoot in Bodrum, The Ambassador’s Daughter series caused a great change in Ceyda Düvenci’s life due to her husband.

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