The Ambassador's Daughter series made Ceyda Düvenci's life difficult
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29 November 2022 11:28


The Ambassador’s Daughter series made Ceyda Düvenci’s life difficult

Famous actress Ceyda Düvenci is currently not involved in any projects. The actress, who started to live in Bodrum with her son and daughter, announced the reason for this necessary change with a statement in the past months.

With Ceyda Düvenci’s husband Bülent Şakrak portraying the Kahraman character in The Ambassador’s Daughter series, there were important changes in the life of the family. The shooting of the series is done in Bodrum.

Ceyda Düvenci, who decided to spend the 8-month period her husband will take part in the series in Bodrum, not in her house in Istanbul, in order not to miss her husband, still could not get used to her new life. The famous actress, who also complained that Bodrum is very expensive, gave information about her latest situation with her share on her Instagram account.

“Prices have gone up in Bodrum. Nevertheless, we are trying to establish order in the middle way possible. I cannot share very often, too much rushing and dizziness prevails over us ” she explained.

Ceyda Düvenci, who, with her own words, collected the stone comb and went to Bodrum in order not to break the family unity and not want to miss her husband, showed in this way how devoted she is to her home.

Announcing that her son Ali had started school, the actress stated that her daughter Melisa fell off the bicycle for the first time and her shoulder was injured.

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