Series News The Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk series will be launched, but will tv8’s patience be enough?

The Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk series will be launched, but will tv8’s patience be enough?


The second episode of the TV series Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk (Mother’s Secret Child), which is being broadcast on the TV8 screen, was left behind and the ratings again emerged as a big problem. However, the fact that there was a slight increase compared to the first episode raised some hopes…

İrem Helvacıoğlu, Engin Öztürk and Olgun Toker draw attention with their performances that do justice to the lead role. However, the prominent name in the series was Selin Yeninci with the character of Meryem. You can go to the screen on Wednesday evenings to see once again how talented the actress is in drama.

Selin Yeninci is performing an acting recital, as expressed by many TV series fans. The actress, who lives in the character of Meryem, managed to impress many fans of the series, even though the second episode was published.

The character of Meryem, reflecting the longing for motherhood very successfully, captured the hearts of female audiences. If the story focuses on Meryem in the series, then the element of curiosity will increase for many viewers.

Other leading actors such as Selin Yeninci also give effective performances. Although there is support for the series from social media, the ratings need to be moved a little higher. Even if we see better rates in the second episode compared to the first episode, we can say that the current position of the series is not a good situation for tv8.

The second episode of the Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk series is fifteenth overall, thirteenth in the AB and ninth in ABC1. Hope for improvement depends on the course of the story, and viewers who notice the series can immediately connect. However, the fact that the ratings are in the 2-3 range is not enough for tv8 and it is not known how much patience the channel will show.

Annenin Sırrıdır Çocuk’s series may gradually rise by gaining new viewers in each new episode, but will tv8’s patience be enough for this, the answer to this question is not yet known.